About Us

We are BizTalk Texas.  We started our business back in 2009 helping our clients advertise affordably through websites we built for them. We offer web design and hosting through our website MySiteAmerica.com we can create print ads, business cards, fliers, and business computer systems through our brand.

Last year we started creating videos for our clients and the natural progression of that effort turned into an interview with our friend Chris Shuler of Boerne Stage Kustoms. The interview was seen by many on his website and other webpages online.

At BizTalk Texas we interview small business owners and entrepreneurs about their businesses. The interview includes information about the services provided, reason for going into business, and interesting stories that have occurred since the business went into operation.

We hope when we call you will join us in sharing your story with other people out there who are interested in what it takes to be and stay in business. We’re going to try to make it enjoyable.

a fun time with Morry (Mo) Ogden of YoMo Music
A fun interview with Morry (Mo) Ogden of YoMo Music – Visit YoMoMusicTX website

Our Goal

Our goal is to share stories of small business people, the ups and downs of business ownership and how they got there.

Our Story

Back in 2009 we were asked to build a website for a propane company.  It seemed there was a niche market for web design of small business owners who wanted to advertise, but they felt it wasn’t something they could afford.  We started Britexans Services soon after my new wife Maggie arrived from her wait for her immigration to the United States from the United Kingdom.  Our first web design business was MySiteKerrville and then MySiteAmerica.  We enjoy the ability to offer an affordable website for most small business owners.


Next Steps…

Looking to share your story with BizTalk Texas?  We’d love to hear from you.
Give us a call 830.285.3780 or visit our Contact Us page.


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